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  • Scouting for pests in onion crop

    Farmers as Mentors: The secret to a successful IPM program

    Scouting for Pests and IPM

  • Ana Lois, 4-H member from Southwick babysits infant

    Massachusetts 4-H Trains 1,000 Babysitters Every Year

    Babysitting is serious fun

  • Male Cardinal, credit-Chris Wood at Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    (Bird) Songs of our Cities

    Researching Urban Bird Habitat

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Gypsy moth egg hatch has been observed at a location off US-202 in Belchertown, Mass. as of 4/26/17. Tiny, hairy caterpillars may be seen resting on top of egg masses at this time as shown here with arrows. (Simisky, 2017)
Apr 28, 2017

Entomologists at UMass Amherst report that some of the first gypsy moth egg masses to hatch in the state in 2017 have been observed on Wednesday, April 26 in Belchertown, Mass.

Cris Wein and Amanda Reilly assist with delivery of 5 lambs to 1 ewe at Hadley Farm
Apr 11, 2017

Dorset sheep, the type that roam around the UMass Hadley Farm, are known to give birth to one, two or maybe three lambs at once. However, on April 7, one of the farm’s ewes delivered not three or four, but five healthy lambs! Students from the Animal Sciences program in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (VASCI), Cris Wein (‘18) and Amanda Reilly (‘18), both on a pre-vet track, were ready to help deliver the lambs and assist in catching them, but the lambs sorted themselves out and were delivered one at a time.

Paul Catanzaro teaching Keystone Cooperators in Harvard Forest
Apr 6, 2017

The Massachusetts Keystone Project has been awarded a prestigious Environmental Service Award by the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions.  Led by UMass Extension a 3-day training workshop at Harvard Forest has been held every April since 1988.
The award, given for outstanding environmental education, is well-deserved. Since 1988, Keystone Project leaders David Kittredge and Paul Catanzaro have led 26 training workshops, with over 500 Massachusetts community members participating as Keystone Cooperators.

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