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CAFE announces availability of Iris Registration by Seattle Technology Group

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Nov 9, 2018
Andy Slocombe

If you are an Extension faculty or staff member and you create events for groups to attend, you may find this of interest. Until last Spring, we offered you the use of “RegOnline” for registering and managing participants. Early this year, RegOnline was sold to another company and changes in their business model made it inappropriate for us. However, we now have an alternative available.

Iris Registration is web-based registration form building and management software that allows users to gather registrations and credit card payment for events.  Iris Registration is also part of Seattle Technology Group's offerings, a company that specializes in software for Higher Education.  With this new service you will be able to manage the most important aspects of your event including:

  • Event form building
  • Custom reporting and other participant information management
  • Charges and issuing refunds as needed

Users of Iris will be asked to cover the associated costs of both the credit card & interchange fees, as well as a pre-registrant fee covering costs levied by Seattle Tech for using their service.  For a more detailed explanation of costs please contact me (

Prior to making use of Iris Registration, you should familiarize yourself with the product.  I will assist new users in putting together their first event registration.  This will require setting up a meeting with me to discuss details of your event and beginning the process of building out your event form.  An Iris account is required to log in to this web service, so to get started with Iris Registration, contact me (

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