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Sustainable Solutions to Problems Affecting Honey Bee Health (II)

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Department of Environmental Conservation
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During bloom, pesticide use pattern is changing rapidly in many crops owing to phase-outs of some chemistries and introduction of new ones. In cranberry, two new fungicides now dominate applications of choice during bloom; the recommendation is to use the two modes of action simultaneously to slow evolution of resistance by fungal pest species. In order to save time and money, growers frequently add an insecticide simultaneously to the fungicide mix in order to manage the key pest, cranberry fruitworm. Alone, all of the compounds are considered 'bee safe' and bloom sprays are allowed. Our preliminary assessments suggest that bees may be at risk by these combination sprays, perhaps owing to a synergy of the compounds. The proposed cage studies will look at immediate impacts (reduced foraging efficiency) and more long term effects (survivorship over time).

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Cultural Practices
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