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Mohawk Trail Regional Partnership

UMass Clean Energy Extension has been engaged by the state Department of Energy Resources, and is working in collaboration with Franklin Regional Council of Governments and Berkshire Regional Planning Commission to support the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership (MTWP).

Support Services of the UMass Clean Energy Extension to the MTWP

This document provides a summary of the support services we are currently providing to the MTWP:

MTWP Community Energy Data Collection Documents

The following documents will aid comnunities in gathering and compiling community energy information in support of their MTWP efforts:​

From this information, we hope to better understand town heating requirements, energy efficiency opportunities in town buildings, and the potential use of wood energy and district heating in town buildings.  This effort, and the participation by all MTWP towns, will be useful for the Partnership as it further considers its energy strategy options.

Thank you for participating. Our goal is be available and responsive to questions, feedback, comments, or concerns. Please contact us at: 

  • River Strong, CEE Assistant Director for Market Development,
  • UMass Clean Energy Extension Phone: 413-545-8510