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UMass Clean Energy Extension

The UMass Clean Energy Extension provides a resource to reduce market barriers and accelerate the adoption of clean energy for Massachusetts cities and towns, businesses, institutions, farms, low income and multiunit housing, and others.

The transition to clean energy is critical for Massachusetts to meet its greenhouse gas reduction commitments and provides an opportunity to foster new economic development in the Commonwealth. 

The UMass Clean Energy Extension provides technical support and advice upon request, and proactively seeks opportunities to promote clean energy projects.   We work with businesses eager to enter or diversify into the clean energy markets.  We provide assistance in navigating through state programs that offer incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The UMass Clean Energy Extension supports and contributes to applied research activities across UMass departments and campuses that advance technical, economic, and policy solutions that support clean energy advancement in Massachusetts.

The UMass Clean Energy Extension joins the University’s historic mission as a Land Grant College to provide outreach and extension to the Commonwealth. No longer strictly limited to agriculture, the mission of UMass Extension extends to environmental well-being and human health as well.  Similar to the role of UMass Extension in agriculture, the UMass Clean Energy Extension will provide the legitimacy, impartiality, and local responsiveness to assist entities in evaluating and implementing clean energy opportunities, to help businesses offer clean energy technologies into the marketplace, and to support applied research to address technical and policy challenges facing clean energy.

Greening Municipal Fleets - Work by Clean Energy Corps Member Dugan Becker Featured

In 2018, Dugan Becker, UMass Amherst ’19, was chosen as a CAFE Summer Scholar to collect data that resulted in recommendations for reducing municipal vehicle fuel consumption in rural Massachusetts towns.   His efforts, in collaboration with CEE staff, are featured in a recent news article.

Clean Energy Corps Proposes Community Energy Solutions
Dr. Ben Weil and the 2018 UMass Clean Energy Corps

As a component of their Spring 2018 course, the UMass Clean Energy Corps presented their findings this week to stakeholders from the municipalities of Northampton, Ashfield, Shelburne, Goshen, and Windsor. Faculty and staff from the Building Construction Technology program and the Clean Energy Extension were also in attendance. Working with professor Dr. Ben Weil, the students visited the various communities over the course of the semester, conducted in-depth analyses, and then developed proposals that would cut energy use in the communities’ highest energy-consuming facilities by as much as 72%.

New video on "Wood Pellets and Our Health": UMass Research that Matters
Rick Peltier of UMass Amherst’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences

New technology, in the form of pellets made of compressed wood, make modern wood heating much more convenient.  But can this wood smoke harm our health? Rick Peltier of UMass Amherst’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences, is working to make sure we make smart energy choices about the types of fuel we use to keep warm, choices that will also that protect human health.

With support from UMass Clean Energy Extension, he is monitoring air from a mobile air quality sampling laboratory, measuring the particulates found in the air.  These data will be able to show whether or not pellet emissions could be harmful for a community.  And knowing this information is important for policy makers, industry leaders, scientists, and families.

View "Wood Pellets and Our Health: UMass Amherst Research that Matters" video

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