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Cranberry Station News

First Fall Frost Tolerance Sheet for 2019
Ben Lear fruit

The first fact sheet for 2018 showing fall frost tolerances has been posted. 

Tissue Nutrient Testing for Cranberries

If you plan to do tissue tests, collect your samples from mid-August through mid-September.  For more information click here or call the UMass Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory at 413-545-2311.

Summer Scale

Summer generation scale infesting leaves and berries on the bog.  Please click here for pictures.

Summer Scale

Reddish discoloration appears where the scale have been feeding. This is a massive infestation.

Degrees Days and Dormancy discussed

Please click here to read a news article regarding work being done by retired Director Carolyn DeMoranville on the degree day model for cranberry.

IPM Message

IPM Message is no longer available.  If you have any questions please call the Station 508-295-2212x21.

Spring Frost Tolerance 2018
Ben Lear bud

Posting of bud tolerance images and information has begun for the 2018 season.

Extension Assistant Professor - Cranberry Agricultural Scientist

The UMass Cranberry Station invites applications for a full-time, 12 month, non-tenure track appointment as Extension Assistant Professor - Cranberry Agricultural Scientist.  Click here to apply and for more information.

Final Photos of 2017 Fall Frost Tolerance Have Been Posted
Stevens cranberry at Rosebrook Bog

The final fall frost tolerance sheet for 2017 has been posted.  All cultivars have reached a deep maroon color and their deepest frost tolerance temperature.  For Ben Lear and new Rutgers cultivars this tolerance is 24°F.  Stevens tolerate 22°F at this stage until late October when some loss of tolerance accompanies extreme ripening and Stevens once more must be protected at 23°F.  Early Black and Howes tolerate 23°F at the maroon stage.  In some years, Howes have tolerated temperatures as low as 20°F at the maroon stage but this was not the case in all years.