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Cranberry Station News

IPM Message for 2016 now available

The IPM Message for May 19, 2016 has been posted.  To view it and past reports, click on IPM Message in the Quick Links on the home page.

Spring frost reports now available for cranberry growers

Frost reports for the 2016 spring season have been posted.  To view them and past reports, click on Frost Tolerance Reports in the Quick Links on the home page.  The Spring Frost Tolerances Pictures fact sheet from 2015 has also been posted in the Fact Sheet Section.

2016 Cranberry Chart Book is now available

The 2016 Cranberry Chart Book is now available in both print and online.  Hard copies of the book can be picked up at the Cranberry Station or viewed online under the Publications heading.

Pesticide Education Workshops
scouting pests

UMass Extension Pesticide Education Program has announced 18 pesticide recertification training workshops for dates in March and April across the state.  Follow this link for a list of dates and locations.  If you have any questions, please call the Pesticide Education office between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (M-F) at  (413) 545-1044.

Presentations from January 2016 Cranberry Management Update meeting

Presentations from our Annual Cranberry Management Update meeting can be found in our digital library, Scholarworks:

International Innovations

Expert agricultural scientist Dr Hilary Sandler introduces her novel collaborative efforts wth growers to improve cranberry production in Massachusetts, USA, and address problems that adversely affect yield and fruit qualty.
Download pdf of article

DeMoranville interviewed about affects of climate change on cranberries

Higher temperatures and changing rain patterns could affect the state’s cranberry crop in the years ahead, Carolyn DeMoranville, director of the Cranberry Station in Wareham, told the Cape Cod Times. With the climate expected to warm in the decades to come, farmers can expect more insects and more fungal and other plant diseases.

Identification Guide for Weeds in Cranberries

The Station is proud to offer a new book available for purchase: Identification Guide for Weeds in Cranberries.