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Unifying Resistance Management Webinar Series

As part of NE-SARE Professional Development Grant Program (ENE15-140-29994), we are offering a series of 4 webinars (Mondays and Thursdays for 2 consecutive weeks) on aspects of Resistance Management (RM). All webinars will be held for 1 hour, from 2:30-3:30 pm, EST. Here is the "Train-the Trainer" webinar series:

Monday, Nov. 30: Overview of RM (Dr. Meg McGrath, Cornell)
Thursday, Dec. 3: Fungicide Resistance (Dr. McGrath)
Monday, Dec. 7: Insecticide Resistance (Dr. Andrei Alyokhin, U. Maine)
Thursday, Dec. 10: Herbicide Resistance (Dr. Rich Bonanno, UMass-Amherst)

Target Audience: Northeastern Extension Personnel, IPM scouts, ag suppliers, chemical technical representatives, and other related industry personnel, but anyone interested in improving their expertise for teaching RM concepts is welcome!

Why are we doing this? Educators have various levels of knowledge relating to RM. Our goal is to bring educators to a common level of knowledge so that we can present a unified educational program to our constituents growing fruits and vegetables in the Northeast. We will help you get started on identifying stakeholder needs regarding RM and provide support for organizing and making your tailored presentations about RM.

We plan to survey participants as part of webinar process so we can establish baseline data and assess change after the webinars. We hope a few of you will conduct one-on-one interviews with your growers and with us to determine the impact of this RM educational program.

What will you get? After participating in the webinars and the Moodle sessions, you will have the tools to develop crop-specific training modules and materials for delivery to your growers.


*All interested participants will recieve a core module (PowerPoint Presentation and video) to use as a baseline that can then be adapted to your specific commodity for grower outreach programs.

*Participate in Moodle platform education to reinforce what you have learned.

To register for the webinars, please click here. We hope you can attend all 4 webinars, but you need to register even if you only can attend one, two or three webinars. Webinars will be archived and reviewable for webinar registrants only. If you have trouble with the registration process, please Email Laura McDermott.

The first 50 registrants will be entered in a raffle for an Amazon Gift card!

Click here for flyer. Please share this with your colleagues or others who might like to participate!

Any questions, please contact:
Hilary Sandler, UMass Cranberry Station, Project Leader or 508.295.2212 x21