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Faculty & Staff Newsletter

February 2018

Images from two videosCAFE Releases First Two Videos in “Research That Matters” Series

“THIS is Research that Matters.” Two videos have been released that showcase research and extension supported by CAFE units. The work of Associate Professor Lili He, UMass Amherst food scientist and Jon Clements, UMass tree fruit extension educator, are showcased in new videos. CAFE director Jody Jellison says, “We want to let the public know about meaningful research being conducted at UMass that impacts our lives in positive ways. These videos are intended to get the word out.”

The work of Dr. He that is the subject of the video involves development of a new method of testing fresh produce and water for the presence of harmful bacteria. The new test promises faster results than conventional tests and may eventually enable users to see results on smartphones. The project has been supported by funding from the Mass. Agricultural Experiment Station and other sources. Clements’ video is focused on commercial use of high density orchard techniques. These techniques allow higher quantities of apples and better quality fruit to be grown on the same amount of land without increasing use of water and other inputs. Clements’ work is supported by UMass Extension.

Two more videos are in the works. One is on innovative breast cancer research led by Professor Kathleen Arcaro of the Department of Veterinary and Animal Science, funded in part by the Mass. Agricultural Experiment Station. The other will be on testing emissions of wood smoke from pellet stoves, a project led by Associate Professor Rick Peltier with support from Clean Energy Extension. They were all produced by UMass News and Media Relations staff Donna Blackney, video manager and Elizabeth Wilda, video director.