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February 2018

Inca the llamaDepartures: Inca, Rugged UMass Llama, Dies at 22

Inca was a fixture at the Hadley Farm for well over 10 years, since she was donated by alum Sara Davis. While Inca had a job on the farm (guarding the other livestock from predators) she was known for her strong personality and her many tricks. She particularly liked to stretch out in the sun for extended periods of time near the edge of her field on North Maple Street, causing passersby to think she was dead on the ground. Many people who answer publicly known phone numbers around campus have had to talk down concerned callers reporting the presumably dead animal. Alice Newth, Assistant to the Farm Superintendent and Livestock Barn Manager, explained that despite her tricks, Inca was a very tolerant llama who wanted to keep her distance, classically spitting at the sheep, but never at humans who worked with her.

At 22 years, Inca had a full and seemingly happy life with nearly half of it spent on the Hadley Farm. Most recently she guarded weaned lambs when they were in the North Shed pastures and lived with the flock in the North Shed.  She had her peculiarities; she did not like to be crowded by the sheep in the trailer, so Newth made a deal with her.  She would not run to the opposite side of the pasture if she was given half of the trailer to herself.  She pretended not to like the sheep but the summer when she and the flock were in Deerfield next to Dr. Purdy’s Alpacas, she looked them over carefully and then trailed off after her flock.  She would inspect the new lambs when they came out with their mothers to live in the North Shed and put up with them nibbling on her fur. 

As a camelid, she also provided a key educational opportunity for students in the Sheep Management class and students who worked for Alice. Students would trim her feet, vaccinate her and shear her in the spring.  A deep affection was felt for Inca by many, and she will be missed.

Inca the llama with lambs
Inca the llama with lambs