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Faculty & Staff Newsletter

April 2019

CAFE logo elementTwo Searches Underway in CAFE

The search for a new Program Director for the Extension Agriculture Program (incorporating teams in both production agriculture and commercial horticulture) is well underway. A ten-person search committee, chaired by CAFE’s former interim director Pat Vittum, has recently conducted a series of preliminary interviews and is looking forward to inviting several promising candidates for campus visits. Vittum reports that she hopes the two-day visits can happen during the month of May, although pressing schedules before graduation may push them into June. This position was made vacant by the retirement of Kathy Carroll in 2018. In addition to the Chair, the Search Committee includes: Lynn Adler, Biology; Katie Campbell-Nelson, Extension Vegetable Program; Carrie Chickering-Sears, Extension 4-H; Kristen Hanley, Cold Spring Orchard, Fruit Program; Rick Harper, Environmental Conservation; Jason Lanier, Extension Greenhouse and Turf; Jaime Pinero, Fruit Program, Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Sonia Schloemann, Extension Fruit Program; Joe Shoenfeld, CAFE.

The other search currently in progress is for the Online Strategic Communications and Web Designer, a position made vacant by the retirement of Beth Armour at the end of February. In an earlier stage than the Ag Director search, the Web search is currently reading applications for the position. The Seach Committee includes: Nick Brazee, Extension Plant Pathologist; Linda Horn, Extension 4-H Youth Development Program; Candice Novak, CNS Communications; Alexander Ribbe, Polymer Science and Engineering; Andy Slocombe, CAFE IT; and River Strong, Clean Energy Extension.