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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Inclusivity a Goal in CAFE

Advancing a climate of inclusivity on our campus is a strategic goal of our institution. CNS is working to create a network of opportunities for all members of our community to be engaged. The CAFE Diversity and Workplace Climate Committee's discussions focus on what current practices are in place for creating an inclusive workplace climate, assessing the visibility of CAFE’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, proposing possible trainings or workshops, and suggesting ways to create conversations around these topics with the larger CAFE community. Director Jody Jellison urges faculty and staff to feel free to reach out to anyone on the committee or to reach out directly to her with any concerns or questions.

Content and resources will continue to be added to this section over time so please check back.

AY17-18 Charge

  1. Assess current practices for creating an inclusive workplace climate for faculty, staff,
    • graduate students and postdocs
    • What policies/procedures are in place to ensure effective communication both within groups and among groups?
    • What policies/procedures are in place to recognize exemplary performance in each employment group?
    • What social events are in place to promote informal interactions between groups and among groups?
    • What policies/procedures are in place to identify, share and implement best practices in promoting: cross-cultural awareness, inclusive learning environments
    • What polices/procedures are in place to address implicit bias?
  2. Assess visibility of unit’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity
    • Does the unit’s website specifically mention diversity/inclusivity?
    • Are there links to diversity/inclusivity resources on the unit’s website?
    • Are the pictures on the website reflective of the unit’s diversity?
    • Are all groups (faculty, staff, students and postdocs) represented on the unit’s website?
  3. Provide consultation to the department head/chair or unit leader on workplace climate and other related issues.
  4. Propose interventions to advance the workplace climate.


  1. We held an ice cream social this past summer on a very rainy day and were pleasantly surprised with the number of people who showed up. We discuss the idea of doing something similar at an off-campus location to give people the opportunity to visit our many off-campus farms and facilities.
  2. News from the Third Floor” blog feature was implemented on our website to inform CAFE faculty and staff of timely updates from the Director or one of the admin team members.
  3. We continue to add Faculty and Staff Snapshots to the website to help people get to know the different folks that make up CAFE and the work that they do.
  4. Resources and training opportunities both within the university and at the national level have been identified that can provide us with valuable tools and help us to gain a better understanding of how to discuss and promote a climate of equity and inclusion. Those resources and opportunities will be posted on our website within the Faculty & Staff section.
  5. Jody provided an opportunity for three people from CAFE (Michael DiPasquale, LARP; River Strong, Clean Energy Program; Eileen Vazquez, Nutrition Program) to attend a week-long Train the Trainer - Coming Together for Racial Understanding Train-the-Trainer Workshop this past August in Washington D.C. They will help to facilitate dialogues with smaller groups within CAFE throughout this next year.