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Overview of Faculty and Staff Resources

About CAFE

How to change information on Faculty and Staff Directory

Instructions on changing information on Faculty and Staff listings on CAFE and program websites.

Mailing List

Includes Master Mailing List, Administrative email mailing lists (what exists and how to use).

Definitions on CAFE "units" of work

Defines the various "units" of work that make up CAFE that will help provide a consistent way of officially describing the work that we do and support in CAFE.


Farm Research and Event Requests

How to request use of farm facilities and meeting spaces.

Planning and Reporting

Quick Guide to Applying for MAES Research Funding

Description of the different types of research projects and information for how to initiate a project.

MAES Planning and Reporting

Information for developing a Massachusetts Experiment Station Project along with important dates and deadlines.

Extension Planning and Reporting

Extension Faculty and staff will find links and resources related to the "Prism" planning and reporting system as well as important dates and deadlines.

MAES Research and Funding Resources, Policies and Forms

Includes information on Compliance and Oversight as well as links to research tools and reporting sites.

MAES Information for Department Finance Staff

Financial staff and bookeepers in UMass Amherst departments will find reference information for each department here.

Faculty and Staff Newsletter

Communications and Marketing

Social Media

For assistance with your social media presence and a listing of CAFE Social Media links.

Writing for the Web

Guidelines to help with writing website content that will best support your website's visitors in finding useful information as well as positively impact your rankings in a search engines.

Web Accessibility Tips for Content Editors

It is essential that the Web be accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. You will find useful tips and best practices for creating web accessible content.

Branding Tools

About CAFE Branding

Includes information and guidelines on CAFE branding and UMass branding

CAFE Logos

Logos for the Center for Agriculture and for Extension are available in either print or web format.

Admin Services Available

Desktop, Software and Equipment Support

Center for Agriculture and Extension staff as well as Extension Faculty and related colleagues may make use of the technology support services detailed here.

Web Design and Development

Resources and guidelines for developing a web presence.

Web Hosting

Information on Drupal hosting policies for CAFE related websites.

Online Services Support

Online conferencing, conferencing registration, Google Analytics, email marketing solutions, email listservs, online sales portal (include Bookstore portal service in this category)

Drupal Training and Support

Training for editing content on a Drupal website and downloadable pdfs of Drupal instruction manuals.

CAFE Policies

Civil Rights Information

This section provides information to the public on their rights and our responsibilities to maintain appropriate Civil Rights policies.

Mailing List Policies

This section contains a thorough review of Center and Extension policies regarding mailing lists used for printed and electronic distribution.

Non-Discrimination Statements

Information on required statements to be included on public printed and web-based information.

National Resources

Links to National Resources

Links to agencies and programs related to the mission of the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment.