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Web Design and Development

Website Design and Development

The university has officially adopted Drupal as the standard for departmental websites needing the added functionality of a database driven website. Drupal is a powerful and flexible open-source content management system that lets users more easily manage the content on their Web sites.

We provide website design and development services within constraints of limited capacity on the basis of organizational priority. Other needs can be met through use of outside vendors.

All website projects will adhere to the University of Amherst branding guidelines for websites.

We are also available to oversee a web development project that has been contracted with an outside vendor and can help with the scope requirements needed to finalize a contract and determine the best choice for which developement firm to hire.

Before beginning a new web project or a redesign of an existing website, we request that you contact Beth Armour ( to help guide you through determining how best to meet your online needs.

Hiring outside web developers

When working with an outside vendor on a website project that will be hosted in the CNS server, it is advisable to work with CAFE admin at the start of the project to make sure the vendor has a clear understanding of the protocols that need to be followed when hosting on our server.

Please contact Beth Armour ( BEFORE beginning a Drupal web project so that she can work with IT to plan for installation of a Drupal site on the CNS development server, coordinate with vendor and schedule for launch on the CNS production server.

More detailed requirements for hosting a Drupal website developed by an outside vendor.

Guidelines for writing for the web

We have put together guidelines to help you with writing content for the Web that will best support and help your Web site visitors find useful information as quickly as possible.