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FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Food Qualified Individual Training

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Event date/time: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 8:30am to Friday, October 13, 2017 - 1:00pm
Event location: 
Maneeley's Banquet and Catering

LOCATION: South Windsor, CT
Maneeley's Banquet and Catering, 65 Rye Street, North Pleasant Street, South Windsor, Connecticut 06074, United States (860) 528-6622

COURSE ​DESCRIPTION: ​The ​Current ​Good ​Manufacturing ​Practice, ​Hazard ​Analysis, ​and ​Risk-based ​Preventive ​Controls ​for ​Human ​Food ​FDA ​regulation ​is ​intended ​to ​ensure ​safe ​manufacturing/processing, ​packing ​and ​holding ​of ​food ​products ​for ​human ​consumption ​in ​the ​United ​States. ​The ​regulation ​requires ​that ​certain ​activities ​must ​be ​completed ​by ​a ​“preventive ​controls ​qualified ​individual” ​who ​has ​“successfully ​completed ​training ​in ​the ​development ​and ​application ​of ​risk-based ​preventive ​controls.” ​This ​course ​developed ​by ​the ​FSPCA ​is ​the ​“standardized ​curriculum” ​recognized ​by ​FDA; ​successfully ​completing ​this ​course ​is ​one ​way ​to ​meet ​the ​requirements ​for ​a ​“preventive ​controls ​qualified ​individual.” ​To ​RECEIVE ​THE ​FSPCA ​QI ​CERTIFICATION, ​all ​participants ​MUST ​attend ​the ​program ​in ​its ​ENTIRETY ​and ​ACTIVELY ​PARTICIPATE ​throughout ​the ​COURSE ​(including ​completing ​the ​exercises). ​

Upon ​completion ​of ​this ​20-hour ​(2.5 ​days) ​course, ​the ​trainee ​will ​become ​a ​FDA-recognized ​“Preventive ​Controls ​Qualified ​Individual” ​(PCQI).


INSTRUCTORS: ​This ​course ​is ​being ​taught ​by ​FSPCA ​Lead ​Instructors ​that ​have ​been ​trained ​to ​teach ​the ​FDA ​recognized ​standardized ​curriculum.

COST: ​$500.00 ​per ​person ​(price ​includes ​PCHF ​textbook, ​participant ​workbook, ​individually ​numbered ​certificate ​of ​completion ​from ​the ​Preventive ​Controls ​Alliance ​and ​the ​Association ​of ​Food ​& ​Drug ​Officials). ​Continental breakfast, coffee/tea and lunch are included in the cost. ​Registration ​is ​non-refundable ​after ​the ​registration ​deadline ​(Friday, ​September ​29, ​2017). ​Cancellation ​prior ​to ​the ​registration ​deadline ​will ​incur ​a ​$25 ​cancellation ​fee.

TO REGISTER: Participants can register online at:
If you have additional questions, please contact Amanda Kinchla:   

LODGING: Rooms are not included in the registration fee. However, there are a variety of lodging options within a 3-5-10 mile radius of the workshop. Some options include (but are not limited to):

  • Hampton Inn and Suites, 1432 Pleasant Valley Road, Manchester, CT  06042, 855-605-0317
  • Fairfield Inn and Suites, 12 Pavilions Drive, Manchester, CT  06042, 844-631-0595
  • Residence Inn, 201 Hale Road, Manchester, CT  06042, 844-631-0595

This program is hosted by UMass and UCONN.
The ​Center ​for ​Agriculture, ​Food ​and ​the ​Environment ​and ​UMass ​Extension ​are ​equal ​opportunity ​providers ​and ​employers, ​United ​States ​Department ​of ​Agriculture ​cooperating. ​Contact ​your ​local ​Extension ​office ​for ​information ​on ​disability ​accommodations. ​Contact ​the ​State ​Center ​Director’s ​Office ​if ​you ​have ​concerns ​related ​to ​discrimination, ​413-545-4800 ​or ​see ​


Contact's name: 
Amanda Kinchla
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65 Rye Street
South Windsor, CT 06074
65 Rye Street South Windsor CT