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UMass Food Science Extension Program

The UMass Food Science Extension Program integrates research and outreach education in areas related to food safety, food production and the principles of food science. Understanding the participants and elements of food systems, Food Science Extension at the University of Massachusetts provides farmers, business owners, and industry partners with support and knowledge essential for growth and success in food production.

We focus on applied research and food safety education to support the food industry. Our research efforts support development research from concept to commercialization to address technical challenges and deliver against product/business needs from farm to fork. In addition, our group provides educational programs that address food science needs through short courses, on-line training and other outreach venues.

New video on Rapid Bacteria Detection to Boost Food Safety
Research on Rapid Detection of Harmful Bacteria in Food and Water

With the consumption of raw vegetables on the rise because of their health benefits,  foodborne illnesses are also increasing because raw foods are often not rinsed properly. Lili He, UMass Amherst food scientist, has developed a new smart phone app that can instantly detect the presence of bacteria in your food.

View video of Rapid Bacteria Detection to Boost Food Safety

UMass Food Science: 2 Fellowship Positions Available Fall 2017!

UMass Amherst logo  USDA National Needs Masters & Doctoral Fellowships available for Fall 2017!

Positions available:

- 1 Masters Degree, Food Science with a focus in produce safety

- 1 PhD Degree, Food Science with a focus in photodynamic processing for produce

New Food Safety Initiative: Northeast Regional Center

UMass is a collaborating partner to establish a Northeast Regional Center for Food Safety, Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, and Technical Assistance.

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