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Eco Apple app now available

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May 7, 2017

An Eco Apple app is now available on both the iOS (Apple) and Android (Play) stores to help apple growers choose crop protectants that are specifically allowed in the Eco Apple protocol. Although designed to meet the needs of Eco Apple growers looking to quickly pick fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators that are allowed per the Eco Apple protocol, the Eco Apple app could be used by any apple grower looking to choose apple orchard crop protectants that have been through a vetting process deemed allowable by the Eco Apple protocol and certification. The splash screen for the Eco Apple app reads:


This app is designed for growers using the Eco Apple® protocol to quickly access information based on apple growth stages. Other factors remain critically important.  These include scouting and trapping, monitoring weather and using IPM strategies.  It will not be necessary to take actions at every growth stage.  There may be other products available that are not listed here, and not all products listed here may be available in every state.


Eco Apple and Local Done Right are registered trademarks of Red Tomato. Use only with permission; not for use on any fruit or orchard unless certified. See for info and current protocol for Northeast U.S.

EcoApp content: Dan Cooley and Jon Clements, University of Massachusetts Amherst; 

IPM Institute of North America

EcoApp developer: Andrew Cavanagh

EcoApp Red Tomato contact: Sue Futrell


To download and install the Eco Apple app visit the iOS/Apple store or Android/Play store (search specifically for "eco apple andrew cavanagh")