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Greenhouse Updates: Jan 31, 2017

Pest Management Resources
Jan 31, 2017

The following pest management resources have recently been updated.

2017-2018 New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide
300+ pages of current recommendations for nonchemical and chemical management of greenhouse insects, mites, diseases, weeds and algae, plus recommendations for using plant growth regulators.
$40 includes postage and handling: To Order:

Vegetable Bedding Plant Production

The vegetable bedding plant section of the New England Vegetable Guide has recently been updated. This section includes:  Growing Media and Nutrition; Seeding and Transplanting; Plant Culture and Height Management; Table on Scouting Guidelines and Biological Control Options for Bedding Plants; Disease Management; Table on Fungicides and Bactericides Labeled for Vegetable Transplants and Bedding Plants; Insect and Mite Management; Table on Insecticides Labeled for Insect and Mites on Vegetable Transplants and Bedding Plants; and Weed Management.

Herb Bedding Plants: Insecticide and Fungicide Tables
University of Connecticut Extension

Downy Mildew on Basil in the Greenhouse
University of Connecticut Extension


Photos - Scouting Resources
University of Connecticut Extension

Leanne Pundt, UConn Extension and Tina Smith, UMass Extension