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Dog Project

Whether you are preparing to purchase or adopt your first dog or you just want to learn more about the dog you currently own, the 4-H Dog Project will teach you how to select the right dog, how to properly feed and groom your pet and the basics of training, judging and showing. 4-H dog members can also learn about agility, record keeping and public presentations.

4-H Project Record Books are an important part of all 4-H projects.  In the Dog Project, you will keep records on:

  • Vaccination record and dates.
  • Expenses: Veterinary, food and supplies, training fees, etc.
  • Income:  Awards, pet sitting jobs, sales of puppies, etc.
  • Training record for your dog.
  • Experience in community service, club activities, any offices held, dog activities, presentations, etc.

The State 4-H Dog Camp is a weekend event held in May at 4-H Camp Farley in Mashpee, Massachusetts. This event gives youth the opportunity to take their dogs to camp to improve on their handling, grooming and obedience skills plus have a fun time at camp.

A State 4-H Dog Show is held in the month of May.  This is a great opportunity for members to meet other 4-H dog enthusiasts from across the state and prepare for the Eastern States Exposition 4-H Dog Show in September in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

It is recommended that club members or their families own a dog, although it not a requirement.

If you are interested in becoming a 4-H Dog Club Leader or if you would like to join an existing club, please contact one of our staff listed below.

Dog Shows and Camps



2017 State 4-H Dog Show Information and Registration Form

2017 Fairs Animal Health Regulations

Measures to Prevent Diseases Associated with Animals in Public Settings


Cave Canem 4-H Dog Club Show 2017

Muddy Paws 4-H Dog Show

Thunder Hill K9 Dog Show 2017

Dog Resources:

American Kennel Club

Points to Consider When Purchasing Companion Animals

Members:  may request one free copy each of the AKC publications listed below.  See address below under Leaders section:

  • Obedience Regulations.
  • Junior Showmanship.
  • Dogs—A General Information Booklet.
  • Canine Summer Safety.
  • Winter Care for Canines.
  • Getting Started Series.
  • Rules Applying to Dog Shows.

Leaders: may request one free copy of each of the AKC publications listed above, and the following:

  • AKC Order Form.
  • Canine Good Citizen Program Information.

Print your name, address, city, state, and ZIP code and send the postcard to:
American Kennel Club
5580 Centerview Drive, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC  27606-3390

For further information, please contact:

Nancy Searle
State Dog Specialist
UMass, Slobody Building, Suite A4
101 University Drive
Amherst, MA  01002
Phone: 413-253-7721