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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Newsletter

Center news, grants and funding, comings and goings and more…

Faculty and Staff Directory

A listing of all Faculty and Staff associated with the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

Planning and Reporting

CAFE Faculty and staff will find links and resources related to MAES and Extension planning and reporting in this section.

Center and Extension Logos

Logos for the Center for Agriculture and for Extension are available in either print or web format.

Civil Rights Information

The Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment and UMass Extension maintain and promote policies to prevent discrimination or bias in their programs and in their employment. You will find information employees here on required statements to be included on public printed and web-based information, our mailing list policy and a link to additional information provided for public and employee benefit about Civil Rights protection in Center programs.

Farm Research and Event Requests

Requests to utilize the Crop and Vegetable Research and Education Center in South Deerfield for research projects and Extension/outreach events should be submitted using the appropriate form below.

Desktop, Software and Equipment Support

Center for Agriculture and Extension staff as well as Extension Faculty and related colleagues may make use of the technology support services detailed here.

Web Design and Development

Resources and guidelines for developing a web presence.

Web Hosting

Information on Drupal hosting policies for CAFE related websites.

Online Services Support

Online conferencing, conferencing registration, Google Analytics, email marketing solutions, email listservs, online sales portal (include Bookstore portal service in this category)

Drupal Training and Support

Training for editing content on a Drupal website and downloadable pdfs of Drupal instruction manuals.

UMass Library Resources

You can utilize this library resource directory for materials useful in agricultural research and to reach the Agriculture Librarians.

National Resources

Links to agencies and programs related to the mission of the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment.