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Agricultural Water

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Production Water (irrigation, crop sprays, frost protection): Major Points


1. How frequently will I be required to test my water?

According to the Produce Rule....

Water source testing log

2. What laboratories should I take the sample too? 

These labs are state-certified to perform EPA 1603

Link to database of Massachusetts Laboratories

3.  What test will the lab perform?

EPA Method 1603 - An enumerative E. coli test.

However - Any other enumerative test for generic E. coli will also suffice for now.

4. How much does an individual test cost?

$25 to $40 per sample.

5. What is the CFU range that my water is safe?

A Geometric Mean that is 126 or less CFUs of E. coli per 100 mL water


A Statistical Threshold Value that is 410 or less CFUs generic E. coli per 100 mL water

6. What do I do if my water exceeds the GM or STV limits?

Post-Harvest Water

1. For produce wash water, what is the safe microbial range?


2.  Where should I dump waste water?


3. How often should I monitor recirculating wash water for E. coli and pH?