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Post-Harvest Handling & Sanitation


Harvesting Container Sanitization Log

Field Harvesting Equipment and Transportation Sanitization

Field Harvest & Field Packing Inspecting

Packing House and Storage Cleaning Recommendations

Packing House and Storage Facility-Daily Inspection Log

Packing House and Storage Facility-Monthly Inspection Log

Packing House and Storage Facility-Quarterly Inspection Log

Surface sanitation

OESCO Brush washer sample SOP and documentation log (August 2016). Kelsi Harper and Amanda Kinchla, University of Massachusetts Food Science.

On-farm Cleaning: Cleaning and Sanitizing with Food Safety in Mind (March 2013). University of Vermont Extension fact sheet.

Cornell On-Farm Decision tree: Sanitation and Postharvest Handling

Packing Shed

Post-Harvest Handling - Decision Tool (November 2013) Chris Blanchard, Iowa State University Extension

Packing Shed Layout  (December 2000) University of Wisconsin 

Rinsing and Packing (April 2013) - University of Vermont Extension


Cleaning and Sanitizing: How to develop a strategy for cleaning post-harvest areas.
Standard Operating Procedures: How to construct an SOP for farm procedures to help with employee training and product quality.
Cleaning VS Sanitizing: The appropriate way to clean AND sanitize food contact surfaces using the 4-step process.
Clean Greens: A standard operating procedure (SOP) for triple-rinsing greens.