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Animal Monitoring Log

Manure Application Log


Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Agricultural Composting Program

US Composting Council

Manure/animal-based compost-making resources

Guide to Agricultural composting (2010). Mass Dept of Ag Resources.

Composting Manure: Small Scale Solutions for your Farm (Jan 2009). Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Composting Criteria for Animal Manure. Marilyn Erickson, Faith Critzer, and Michael Doyle. Produce Safety Project.

Composting Animal Manures: A Guide to the Process and Management of Animal Manure Compost (May 2010). Chris Augustin, Shafiqur Rahman. North Dakota State University Extension.

Manures for Organic Crop Production (March 2003). Kuepper, George. ATTRA, National Center for Appropriate Technology.

Natural Rendering: Composting Livestock Mortality and Butcher Waste (2002). Cornell Waste Management Institute. Jean Bonhotal (CWMI), Lee Telega (PRO-DAIRY), Joan Petzen (CCE Allegany/Cattaraugus)

The Space it Takes: Footprint Calculator for Composting Butcher Waste (2010). Mary Schwarz, CWMI; Jean Bonhotal, CWMI; Dr. Dale Rozeboom, MSU.

Composting Road Kill (2007) Jean Bonhotal, Ellen Harrison, Mary Schwarz (CWMI)

Natural Rendering: Composting Poultry Mortality (2008). Jean Bonhotal, Mary Schwarz (CWMI), Nellie Brown (Cornell ILR).

A Guide to Composting Horse Manure. Jessica Paige, WSU Cooperative Extension, Whatcom County.

Composting Chicken Manure (2005). Compiled by Judy Duncan, WSU Cooperative Extension, King County Master Gardener and Cooperative Extension Livestock Advisor.  Seattle Tilth.

Compost certification

Mass DEP
Commercial, Institutional & Agricultural Composting & Organics

Guidelines for Use and Handling

Guidelines for Using Manure on Vegetable Gardens (2008), University of Maine Extension Bulletin #2510.

Compost and Manure Food Safety (gardening) (July 2011). University of California Cooperative Extension. Publication # 31-079C.

Manure Storage

Livestock Yards and Manure Storage Areas on Small Acreages: Protecting Our Drinking Water, Families & Animals (March 2010). University of Rhode Island. Fact sheet 2, Small Acreage Livestock and Horse Series.

Good Agricultural Practices In the Field: Manure/Biosolids Management Practices. New England Extension Food Safety Consortium Fact Sheet.