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Top Products in Mass. Counties

Massachusetts Agricultural Census 2012

The relative fortunes of agriculture in each Massachusetts county depend upon the mix of farm types that are prevalent, or the mix of farm products produced. For example, Barnstable, Bristol and Plymouth Counties contain the majority of the Commonwealth's cranberry producers. Over 91 percent of Plymouth County's market value was from cranberry production in 1997 (Table 4.2). This concentration is due to the land resources available in that region of Massachusetts. In 2002, 75 percent of Plymouth County's market value was from cranberry production, reflecting the decline in cranberry prices. The market value slightly declined to 74.7 percent in the year 2007. Barnstable County experienced a movement away from cranberry production (67 percent of value in 1997) to aquaculture (35 percent of value in 2002), which resulted in the decline of the market value to 29.4 percent in 2007.   Norfolk, Middlesex, Essex, Dukes, Bristol, Hampden, Worcester and Franklin Counties all have strong greenhouse, nursery and floriculture sectors. A significant share of the farms in Berkshire, Franklin and Worcester Counties are dairy farms. Table 4.3 shows the top five agricultural commodities for each county in 2007.