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Risk Management/Crop Insurance Education Program

Immigrant Farmers

The University of Massachusetts (UMASS) makes available services to farmers who have recently immigrated to the United States. The UMass Extension has professional staff to assist producers with research on the production of traditional crops. UMass Extension also provides research on new ethnic crops that have the potential to be grown and marketed in Massachusetts.

UMass Extension, in cooperation of the USDA Risk Management Agency, provides new growers with tools to assist in evaluating and managing potential risk. These tools include:  Risk Management, Better Marketing, New Enterprise planning and access to the Farm Planning library

UMass Extension is committed to assisting producers, that may have language barriers, receiving materials and assistance in their native language.

The following links may also provide valuable resources or information for farmers starting out in Massachusetts:

Beginning Farms

Center for Rural Affairs

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

New Lands Farm

Nuestras Raices

Rural Information Center

World Farmers

For information or assistance contact a UMass Risk Management Specialist:

Paul Russell at or Tom Smiarowski at