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Recharge Order Forms - for Faculty and Staff

The recharge order forms found on this page are for Faculty and Staff only. To find order forms for the general public, please visit the Ordering Information page.

Useful Fact Sheets:

Sampling Instructions for Routine Soil Analysis

Master Crop Code List for Routine Soil Testing

The UMass Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Lab does not test for herbicides, pesticides, or contaminants other than the heavy metals listed on our Services page on the Soil & Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory website.

Soil Recharge Forms:

Routine Soil Analysis Recharge Form

Particle Size Analysis Recharge Form

Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Test (PSNT) Recharge Form

Prepaid Kits for Routine Soil Analysis Recharge From

Total Sorbed Metals Recharge Forms:

Total Sorbed Metals Test Recharge Form

Plant Tissue Recharge Forms for Nutrient Analysis:

Plant Nutrient Sample Submission for Tree Fruit Recharge Form

Plant Nutrient Sample Submission for Small Fruit Recharge Form

Plant Nutrient Sample Submission for Vegetable Crops Recharge Form

Plant Nutrient Sample Submission for Field Crops Recharge Form

Soilless Greenhouse Media Recharge Forms:

Greenhouse Media; Saturated Media Extract Recharge Form

Research Recharge Forms:

See Tracy Allen for details regarding fees, sample submission, and methodology

Research Sample Analysis Recharge Form