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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship from growers and readers allow us to produce Vegetable Notes every week. Behind the scenes, we:

  • Collect data from a statewide trapping network with over 20 sites and consult with neighboring states to report important pest information in ‘Pest Alerts’.
  • Visit farms across Massachusetts on a weekly basis in the summer to scout fields with growers, tracking the pulse of the season for ‘Crop Conditions’ and timely topics.
  • Collaborate with other scientists and farmers to conduct research and prepare articles, giving you up-to-date, research-based information that supports the viability of your farm.
  • Gather information on farmer funding opportunities, regulatory updates, and grower meetings for “News and Events.”

With grower support, we are able to produce Veg Notes as a high-quality, timely, and free publication. Here is what our readers are saying:

"Veggie Notes is a tremendous resource for identifying and treating pests and diseases."

"We use information from Veg Notes in combination with our own research and observations to determine when/what/if to spray the large variety of crops we grow."

“From late blight updates to research updates and everything in between, UMass Extension is the source of all the new pertinent information that I use to run my farm and we would be lost without Vegetable Notes."

To continue to produce Veg Notes, we need your help! Please help us ensure this valuable resource goes on for many more years to come by sponsoring the UMass Extension Vegetable Program.

Download the form below to sponsor the UMass Vegetable Program and publications including the Veg Notes newsletter.

UMass Extension – 2017 Sponsorship Campaign