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New Web Designer Begins Work

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Feb 3, 2020
Joe Shoenfeld

I’m happy to tell you that CAFE’s new web designer, Evonne Gong, has begun her employment with us today. Evonne comes to us from the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, where, among other things, she managed the development of their new website, . Evonne holds a Bachelor’s degree from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and a Master’s in landscape architecture from UMass Amherst. Since 2012, she has been communications and digital media specialist for LARP.
Evonne will be spending her first few weeks becoming acclimated to CAFE and all of our (your!) websites. She needs this opportunity before beginning to jump in and work with all of you on the things you have in mind for your sites and your projects. She is and will continue working closely with Andy Slocombe and also with our web and IT consultant Tom Hoogendyk. During her initial period here, she will collaborate closely with Andy on your projects. He will be attending meetings with her and helping her determine priorities among the requests that I’m sure will be coming in.
If you want to get in the queue to meet with Evonne once she’s ready to do so (some weeks from now), please email her and be sure to CC Andy. She is at and Andy is at .
If you have immediate questions, please address them to Andy or to myself. Thank you!