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Vehicle Use Policies

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May 28, 2019
Joe Shoenfeld

Dear CAFE or Extension staff member:

From time to time, you will receive emails informing you of relevant organizational policies that of which you should be aware. Each email will also contain a link to the same policy on the CAFE website as well as on the “News from the Third Floor” blog on the website. Each policy will also list a contact person at the end to whom you may address questions. Also, you will find a date at the end of the policy so that you can discern whether there is a new version since the last time you saw it. Please be aware that, as an employee of CAFE or Extension, you are responsible for knowledge of and compliance with posted policies.

Note: All “New from the Third Floor” emails are collected and available at:

CAFE Policy: Use of Personally-Owned or Rented Vehicles for Work-Related Travel

Insurance for Work-Related Use of Personally-Owned Vehicle

“The University does NOT provide insurance coverage for employees operating a privately owned
vehicle. The owner/driver is solely responsible for automobile insurance coverage. The owner/driver will
be responsible for any damage caused to third party property and any damage to the employee’s own
vehicle, regardless of fault.” - UMass Travel Manual, 2018

CAFE employees are required to carry an appropriate amount of automobile insurance coverage for the
personal vehicles they use for work-related travel. Employees may need to purchase extra automobile
insurance coverage if they are transporting co-workers, volunteers or clients as part of their work
day. Please contact your automobile insurance carrier to ensure you have the right coverage for your
particular travel situation.

Rental Vehicles as Alternative to Personally-Owned Vehicles

Depending on the nature of the travel conducted by the employee, use of a rented vehicle may be less
expensive to CAFE than use of a personally-owned vehicle. In general, rentals are more cost-effective for
longer-mileage travel and use of personally-owned vehicles are more cost-effective for shorter-mileage
travel. Current rates for reimbursement for use of personally-owned vehicles can be found here: . When comparing costs, be sure to add the cost of gasoline to
the rental rates you will pay. University policies on insurance for rented vehicles can be found here: .

Safe Driving
CAFE employees who feel that bad weather, low visibility, or other poor driving conditions will prevent
them from safely driving to their office or off-site work location may report this to their supervisor, in
advance of the scheduled activity, and request to postpone or cancel the drive, using vacation time or
personal time to cover the lost work time. We wish all employees to engage in safe driving.

Questions: Contact Joe Shoenfeld, 413-545-5309,
14 May 2019

This policy is also posted online in the Faculty/Staff Resources section of the CAFE website, at .