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High Density Apple Orchards: Research That Matters at UMass Amherst

Transcript of UMass Extension helps grow more apples video

Fruit production specialist Jon Clements of UMass Extension demonstrates more efficient growing methods to produce greater yields and higher-quality fruit from Massachusetts apple orchards. This new technology is the future for the next generation of apple growers in Massachusetts and beyond.

UMass Amherst focuses on educational support for fruit growers and other agricultural producers through its Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, whose UMass Extension unit is devoted to outreach education and the delivery of new research-based techniques and technologies for practical application. UMass Extension is the Massachusetts partner in the national Cooperative Extension System, a public university network of outreach educational units linked through its federal partner, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In Massachusetts, Extension education began at Massachusetts Agricultural College, predecessor of UMass Amherst, in 1911 and was formalized at the national level in 1914. Today, UMass Extension has programs in agriculture and commercial horticulture, 4-H youth development, and nutrition education. It also supports work in water resources, environmental conservation, food science, food safety and clean energy.

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Credits: Donna Blackney UMass News & Media Relations, Video Producer/Manager; Elizabeth Wilda, UMass News & Media Relations, Video Producer/Director

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