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Clean Energy Site Assessment


The CESA is a building energy “walk-through” that is designed to help building owners and operators to (1) understand the effectiveness of previously installed energy measures, and (2) identify new energy conservation opportunities. The CESA provides a tailored version of a Level-2 (and occasionally Level-3) ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) audit, and follows the ASHRAE procedures as appropriate. While the CESA may be used to identify and inform potential energy conservation measures (and will include cost and savings estimates), a more detailed analysis for any given energy measure may be advisable. CESAs are generally offered in the months of January – April when the UMass Clean Energy Corps training course is in session.


Outcomes from the CESA include (1) on-site advising and education for building owners and operators, and (2) a written report detailing findings from the site visit and resulting analyses.


A CESA site visit will require 2 – 4 hours of staff time (depending on how many buildings are examined) and the assistance of at least one building manager who is able to provide access to all areas of the building(s), including mechanical rooms, boiler areas, attic spaces, etc. Additional information (e.g., energy bills, building usage specifics, photos, etc.) may also be needed prior to or following the site visit.

See an example CESA.