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Clean Heating and Cooling Screening Analysis


CEE offers a Clean Heating & Cooling (CH&C) Screening Analysis upon community request. This is an effort to identify CH&C project opportunities in municipal facilities. CH&C technologies include modern wood heat (e.g., pellet and chip boilers), air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, and solar thermal systems. The resulting report can serve as a basis for community education and discussion, further energy analyses, and project ideas,decision-making, and scopes of work for engineering design.


The CH&C Screening Analysis can be completed for up to three municipal buildings and will provide a pre-feasibility evaluation of the technical viability, investment cost, available incentives, and economic savings of appropriate CH&C technologies. This process will enable municipalities to identify and prioritize facilities that are strong candidates for feasibility and engineering design or vendor quotes for CH&C technologies.


The CH&C Screening Analysis process requires that participating communities designate a contact person to coordinate efforts with CEE, provide energy and building data, organize feedback, interface with facilities/energy staff, and schedule any necessary meetings. In addition, each participating municipality will need to grant CEE access to its municipal MassEnergyInsights database account, coordinated through DOER’s Green Communities program. Finally, communities will need to complete a CH&C Screening Analysis intake form, which details information such as current building uses and location, heating system specifics, fuel consumption, and general space conditions. A typical CH&C Screening Analysis engagement takes 4-6 weeks and requires 3-5 hours of municipal staff time.


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