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Municipal Energy Assessment


The MEA is a “desktop” (that is, not requiring a site visit) review and analysis of energy usage and clean energy opportunities and prioritization across municipal facilities and infrastructure. The resulting report can serve as a basis for community education and discussion, a Green Communities designation application, further energy analyses, pointing energy auditors to high priority energy savings opportunities, and project decision-making.


Outcomes from the MEA process include (1) assistance from CEE and the Clean Energy Corps in updating and organizing the municipal MassEnergyInsight database account, (2) a written report (typically 20 – 30 pages) detailing findings and recommendations, and (3) one or more follow-up calls/meetings with CEE staff and students to discuss report findings, feedback, and next steps.


The MEA process requires that participating communities designate a person to coordinate efforts with CEE, provide energy and building data, organize feedback, interface with facilities staff, and schedule any necessary meetings. In addition, each participating municipality will need to grant CEE access to its municipal MassEnergyInsights database account, coordinated through DOER’s Green Communities program. A typical MEA engagement takes 4-6 weeks and requires 3-5 hours of municipal staff time. 

See an example MEA.