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August 2021

Weather as Recorded at the UMass Cranberry Station:

East Wareham

Prepared by Peter Jeranyama

September was excessively wet, warm and had below average sunshine for the month.  The temperature averaged 67.38°, 4.29 degrees per day above normal. Maximum temperature was 84° on the 1st day which is 0.9 degrees above to the long-term maximum temperature. The minimum temperature was 49° and was recorded on two nights (20th and 21st).  Daytime high temperatures averaged 76.07°, which is 4.07 degrees above the norm.  Evening temperatures averaged 58.7°; 4.1 degrees above the norm.  There were 9 days with a maximum temperature of at least 80°. 

Sunshine totaled 54% of the possible sunshine hours, 5.9 points below the norm.  They were 4 days of possible sunshine hours above 90% and 3 days with virtually no sunshine at all.  The Blue Hills Observatory (official site for sunshine hour data) recorded 12 days with fog, 6 days with sunshine equal to or less than 5% of the possible sunshine hours and the rest were sunny and clear. 

Precipitation totaled 10.26 inches; 5.92 inches above normal. The rainfall was 9.13 inches more than the amount received for the month in 2020. We had measurable rain of at least 0.10 inches on 6 days, and 3 days with spotty showers and drizzle with less than 0.10 inches recorded.  The largest 24-hour rainfall was 6.59 inches on the 2nd.  By the end of September, a total of 44.12 inches of rainfall had been received for the year, 7.43 inches above the long-term average, and 19.97 inches more than 2020 total rainfall at this time of the year.