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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jun 25, 2015

June 25, 2015

Please let the Entomology lab know if you have a scale problem or if you think you have a problem. They can help you diagnose it and they want to know how much is out there. Timing for good control is critical so do not wait too long or try to time with other sprays; just go out and get it done.

You should be out there doing % out-of-bloom counts for cranberry fruitworm control and % IN bloom for fungicide and fertilizer decisions. Here are some numbers that we have gathered from Rocky Pond (Myles Standish State Park) and State Bog in East Wareham (as of June 22-23):

Location/Variety % IN bloom % OUT of bloom
Rocky/Stevens 1 56 5
Rocky/Stevens 2 47 5
State Bog/Cr. Queen 1 64 14
SB/CrimsonQ2 54 15
SB/Mullica Queen 51 17
SB/Ben Lear 39 0
SB/BL 2 48 15
SB/Stevens 1 29 2
SB/ST2 45 3
SB/ST3 48 3
SB/ST4 46 1
SB/Early Black 1 39 0
SB/EB2 45 11
State Bog/Howes 8 0

If the weather continues in this warm pattern, we could be hitting 50% oob for the hybrid varieties well before the traditional July 4th timing, so do your own calculations now and find out what % oob you have on your own bogs.