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Kerb, Zeus, Dodder Control and Zone II

We have received a Section 18 Emergency Exemption to use Kerb for dodder control. The permit is active from April 15 through June 30, 2022. Many handlers are restricting its use; contact your handler before applying. Copies of the label is here and wherever you buy your product. You will need to report your use of Kerb to MDAR by November 30, 2022. Forms will be available on our website or where you buy your product.

Most handlers are NOT restricting Zeus, but you should double check with your handler before using this herbicide. It is Zone II restricted, so if you want to apply in a Zone II, follow steps below. Zeus may control dodder and other weeds and it is okay to use the herbicide to target weeds other than moss. Keep in mind that Zeus is NOT fast-acting. It could take several weeks or more before you notice damage on moss.

If you want to apply Kerb or Zeus, and you are in a Zone II, email Hilary Sandler @ with your request and include your bog’s address (and GPS coordinates, if you have them).