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2020 Massachusetts Outstanding Dairy Farm

Baker Farm
Baker Family
289 Locust Street, Swansea, MA

Kenny Baker, 45, had always dreamed about selling ice cream on his farm using his own milk to make it. He had inherited his family’s farm when he was 13 years old, after his father had died unexpectedly. Kenny is the 6th generation of family who have worked hard to keep Baker Farm a viable agricultural operation instead of selling it off for housing lots.

Tom and Jocelyn Seiter, both 35, began making ice cream using local ingredients and selling it to farmers markets and festivals in 2008, and dreamed of selling their exceptional fresh and delicious ice cream to as many local people as possible.Tom, Jocelyn, and Kenny were brought together by a friend of Kenny’s, who also had become a regular customer of Tom and Jocelyn’s. This meeting would eventually materialize into the Ice Cream Barn.  

Currently, much of the dairy produced on Baker Farm is picked up by the S.B. Winsor Dairy of Johnston, RI, where it is pasteurized, homogenized, and delivered back to the Ice Cream Barn to churn into delicious fresh ice cream.