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Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment

Pesticide Education

Pesticides are vital tools for controlling pests and maintaining an adequate food supply. If used improperly, pesticides can also threaten human health and the natural environment. Inexperienced applicators, accidents, inadequate protection and equipment continue to be areas of concern that increase the potential for negative personal and environmental impacts from pesticide exposure.

Whole Farm Dairy and Beef Systems: Gaseous Emissions, Pmanagement, Organic Production, and Pasture Based Production

Livestock farms face a number of environmental concerns including both water and air quality issues. Stakeholders and regulators agree that attaining the dual goals of profitability and environmental accountability are major challenges facing animal agriculture. Under current economic conditions with increasing input costs and stagnant or decreasing product prices, many farms are struggling to survive. The additional costs of mitigating environmental impacts may accelerate farm exit.

Researching Alternatives for Photovoltaic Implementation to Preserve Farmland While Developing New Solar Energy Production

Utilities and power developers are buying farm land, removing it from agricultural production permanently, and placing photovoltaic solar arrays on the land. This research effort is investigating the possibility of dual use of farm land for agriculture and photovoltaic electrical power generation.


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