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CAFE Branding

We encourage everyone within the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) to work closely with the branding guide of UMass Amherst and logos and wordmarks of CAFE and its units when developing materials for print or online. It benefits us all when our work is seen within a unified organization and in connection with a well-respected institution for higher education. Consistency in our various forms of communication as well as our look and feel will help make our organization stronger and better portray our excellent work.

UMass Amherst Brand Guide

UMass Amherst Branding Guidelines for Social Media

CAFE and Extension logos

Please contact Evonne Gong (ygong at to obtain logos for individual CAFE units or Extension programs or to receive general branding guidance to ensure that the use of specific branding elements adhere to the UMass Amherst branding guidelines.