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CAFE Promotional Materials, 2019

Pocket Folder for CAFE promotional material This suite of promotional materials is intended for use in publicizing and promoting CAFE, its units and programs. The whole package includes: a pocket folder; a four-page introduction to CAFE; two-page introductions to UMass Extension, the Cranberry Station, and the Mass. Agricultural Experiment Station; and two-page introductions to each of CAFE's Research and Outreach Interest Areas. (You can see what they look like below.) 

You are welcome to use these materials with your constituents and stakeholders as you see fit. You can use these materials in any combination that makes sense to you (use one, two, or three of them, or all 13), and you are welcome to combine them with materials you or your team have created yourselves. We will provide you with copies of the informational sheets as long as supplies last. The pocket folders are expensive to produce, so please be judicious in their use. If you want to request a large number of pocket folders, we will discuss your needs with you and may ask you to share in the cost of producing them.

You may be interested in combining these materials with our annual outreach publication, High Impact, produced each winter for use with our legislators and others. Download a PDF of this year's High Impact edition.

Order up to 10 copies of the whole package of 13 pieces from the Extension Bookstore

Order up to 10 copies of only the pocket folder from the Extension Bookstore

Order the individual information sheets (free of charge) or download pdfs of the sheets by using the links below. View full product listing on the Extension Bookstore website.

CAFE Unit Inserts

CAFE Research and Outreach Interest Area Inserts