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Desktop, Software and Equipment Support

Desktop Support

We offer desktop support services to on and off campus users. This includes malware & virus removal, software support, desktop security, and sensitive data scanning and remediation. Off campus users can also take advantage of this as we are able to remotely connect to and monitor off campus PCs and Macs. Contact: Jason Jordanides (

File Server

We host an OIT supported file server for on and off campus use. On campus Windows users can make use of this to backup their documents and Windows profile settings. On campus Mac users can use this to backup their documents. Both Mac and Windows users who backup their files to the server will have access to their documents off-campus from any computer connected to the internet. All server files are secure and password protected per user. We also offer common folders which can be setup to be shared per department or a specific group of users. Common folders are accessible on and off campus. Contact: Andy Slocombe (

Software updates & Monitoring

CAFE IT maintained PC\Macs will receive the latest software and security updates via KACE. This helps keep computers secure and less vulnerable to attacks. Virus and sensitive data scan results for on and off campus users are reported back to CAFE IT staff. Contact: Jason Jordanides (

Hardware Support

Personalized recommendations for new desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Desktop and laptop hardware repairs are available for on and off campus staff. Upgrades for laptops and desktops are also available. Contact: Jason Jordanides (

Exchange Email & Calendar Support

We offer Exchange (Outlook) email and calendar migration from UMail, Google Calendar, and other calendar /email systems. Contact: Jason Jordanides (

Loaner Equipment

Available for short term use are laptops, PA systems, battery packs, projectors, USB\Tape recorders, and cameras. Contact: Jason Jordanides (