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Diversity and Workplace Climate Committee

CAFE has put together a Diversity and Workplace Climate Committee to focus on what current practices are in place for creating an inclusive workplace climate, assessing the visibility of CAFE’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, proposing possible trainings or workshops, and suggesting ways to create conversations around these topics with the larger CAFE community. Director Jody Jellison urges faculty and staff to feel free to reach out to anyone on the committee or to reach out directly to her with any concerns or questions.

Heather Lohr, Chair
Clerk for CAFE Director’s Office and UMass Extension Bookstore

Michael DiPasquale, Co-chair
Extension Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Design, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Kathy Cunningham
SNAP-Ed Multi-Level Specialist with the Extension Nutrition Education Program

Lauren DuBois
Extension Educator with the Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

Rosalia Flores
Program Supervisor for Central Massachusetts with the Extension Nutrition Education Program

Peter Jeranyama
Extension Assistant Professor of Plant Physiology, UMass Cranberry Station

Jaime Piñero

Extension Associate Professor, Tree Fruit Entomology/IPM

River Strong
Associate Director of Clean Energy Extension

Eileen Vazquez
Extension Educator with Springfield Massachusetts Extension Nutrition Education Program

Hannah Whitehead

Honey Bee Extension Educator