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Hiring Undergraduates and 03’s at CAFE Farms

Guide to hiring undergraduates and 03's at CAFE farms

General Policy

Before an individual can be hired, the appropriate position description form must be submitted through the timekeeper’s office, which is the CNS Hiring Office/HR on the first floor of Stockbridge, and approved by HR. We must use different forms for new hires, depending on whether the person is a current active student or not. New hires are not permitted to begin working until they have been “processed” and are within the payroll system.


  1. Identify the student you would like to hire.
  2. Fill out a Farms Undergraduate Hiring Form with all the information you have available (see form below).
  3. Submit the form to the timekeeper’s/HR office in Stockbridge. They will inform you of any additional information needed.
  4. Once submitted, the timekeeper’s office will inform you when the student is in the system and eligible to begin work.
  5. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks.
  6. There are 3 hiring “sessions” in the case of students: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer. (Winter intersession is included in the Fall Semester). Paperwork for students will need to be re-submitted before the start of each session (ideally 2-3 weeks beforehand) for students who will be continuing to work from one session to the next. Please do not assume the timekeeper’s office knows who is continuing to work and who isn’t.


  1. Fill out a CNS_PD 03 (see annotated Farms template below).
  2. Submit to the timekeeper’s office in Stockbridge for approval. They will inform you of any additional information required.
    • Note: If you are making a subsequent hire on an already approved position description (i.e. a blanket position description for summer help), you do not need to submit a new position description for subsequent hires.
  3. Once the position description form has been approved, or if you are hiring on an already approved form, inform the timekeeper’s office of the new hire via email. Please include the individual’s name, email address, phone number, and the job for which they are being hired.
  4. The timekeeper’s office will inform them of when they may come to the office and what information they will need to bring. Typically, this includes 2 forms of identification (s.s. card, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.) and bank information for direct deposit.
  5. They will also need to “apply” for the position online – the timekeeper/HR office in Stockbridge will provide the applicant with the link.
  6. Once all documentation has been submitted, the office will inform you when the individual is on payroll and able to begin work.
  7. This process typically takes 5-6 weeks.
  8. 03 temporary hires will remain employed during the period you indicate on the form. A temporary hire may work a maximum of 1 year.


It is essential that new hires do not begin work until they are in the payroll system. Employees who begin work before they are in the system will experience excessively late pay and may not be covered by University workman’s comp and other benefits. Therefore, you must plan hiring so as to leave enough time for processing of the new hire paperwork. The timekeeper’s/HR office can be contacted for a status update at any time.
Donna Johnson is our primary HR contact, 413-545-4780
See below for the two forms mentioned above.

Annotated Template for CNS 03 Hiring (PDF)

Undergrad hiring form 10-2-19 (PDF)