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MAES Project Initiation

How do I initiate a new MA Experiment Station project using REEport (Multistate Projects)?

In order to initiate a new project you must be a “verified” user of the REEport system.  To become a verified user (or, if are a verified user but have forgotten your password) proceed to the NIFA reporting portal , enter your email address at the very top of the page and click “reset password.” You will then receive an email with instructions to activate your account.

To initiate a new project, proceed to the NIFA reporting portal and log in with your “verified” email address and password.  Once you have logged in:

From the “Active Applications” list, click on REEport (SAES - UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS)”
Click “Project Initiation” (a draft of your project will have already been created)
Click “Project(s) In Draft Stage” and you should see your project listed
Click on the title of your project. This will take you to the input screens for initiating your project

The different sections/screen that must be completed are listed across the top (Cover, Participants, Products, Outcomes, Audience, Methods, Summary, Keywords, Classification, Proposal, Assurance Statements, and Submit).  I have already completed the Cover, Goals and the Classification screens for you.  The Goals screen shows the objectives you will address that you identified when you applied to be on the project.  You should complete the remaining screens but feel free to request assistance if you have any questions.

Review the information on all screens before proceeding to the “Submit” screen where you will be notified if anything is missing and you will be prompted to submit your proposal.