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Massachusetts Experiment Station Project Proposal Development and Reporting

Massachusetts Experiment Station Project Proposal Development

Each year, requests for new project proposals are made by the Experiment Station Director to the Department heads. Department heads encourage faculty, especially newer faculty, to submit proposals.  Proposals are subject to academic peer review, revised, and submitted to NIFA for final approval. Primary Investigator (PI) or department heads can request additional individuals be appointed to the projects as co investigators, (CO-PIs). 

MAES Project Initiation and Reporting Dates

5/15 – Solicitations sent to Department heads for interest in new projects

5/31 – Deadline for responses from Department heads regarding new MAES projects

6/15 – New MAES Proposals due to William Miller to be submitted for peer review

8/15 – Revised MAES Proposals submitted to NIFA for review

10/1 – New MAES projects begin

11/1 – Notification sent to begin writing Annual Reports for ongoing MAES projects, and Final Reports for those ended on 9/30

12/31 – MAES Annual and Final Reports due

Each year for the duration of the project, you are required to complete an Annual Report and in the final year, a Final Report:

  • 1) Annual Report – for ongoing projects, i.e. those that are continuing during the current federal fiscal year, FY 2018 (10/1/17 through 9/30/18). The information in a Progress Report should encompass what happened during the previous year (10/1/16 through 9/30/17). 
  • 2) Final Report – for projects that reached their termination date at the end of the prior federal fiscal year, currently FY 2017 (9/30/17). The information in a Final Report should encompass what has occurred over the entire period (typically 3-5 years) that the project has been active.

The deadline for submitting all Reports is the end of the calendar year.

Experiment Station Proposal Instructions

REEport Input Screens for annual and final reports - with text boxes

Proposal Guidelines - Academic Peer Review

Accessing and Using REEport

Download Massachusetts Experiment Station Project Timeline - Important Dates

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