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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


PPE is available to staff of any CAFE program, site, or unit, including Extension. Staff are expected to use personal protective equipment or supplies whenever it is appropriate.

  1. Why PPE: In order to enhance the safety of CAFE employees, personal protective equipment is provided for employee use. This PPE is intended to minimize damage from sun exposure, avoid tick or misquito-borne diseases, provide first aid treatment, protect extremities, etc. It should be made use of whenever conditions or activities warrant it.
  2. Location of PPE: Storage areas for PPE can be found at each of the four CAFE Research and Education Farms, as well as at French Hall. Storage areas at the Farms are managed by the Farm Superintendents. The French Hall storage area is managed by Sonia Schloemann. These storage areas are supplied from a central storage area located at the Crop and Animal Research and Education Farm in South Deerfield. Persons managing PPE storage areas should contact the Farm Manager (Bob Skalbite) if their location needs to be resupplied from the central storage. Each PPE supply location will have a log for requisitioned PPE.
  3. PPE Log: When obtaining PPE from storage, please record your name, the date, and what you took, in the PPE Log. The Log is located next to the PPE storage area. Filling out the log is required when obtaining PPE. Also, there is a section in the Log where you may record suggestions for additional PPE you think should be provided to employees.
  4. Employee Communication: This PPE is available to staff of any CAFE program, site, or unit, including Extension. In addition, CAFE staff who supervise students working on research, general farm tasks, etc. are directed to ensure students wear appropriate PPE regardless of their employment status. The Farm Manager will send an email memo annually to all staff to let them know of any updates or changes to the system for acquiring PPE.

Questions: contact Bob Skalbite at 413-545-0143 or

PPE - Available Supplies as of September 2019

DEET Insect Repellent
Permethrin Clothing Treatment Insect Repellent
Safety Glasses (Clear and Sunglass)
Respiratory/Dust Masks
Nitrile Disposable Gloves
Leather Work Gloves
Ear Plugs, Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs
Yellow High Visibility Safety Vests
Hats (Ball Cap and Broad Brim)
3 Piece Rain Gear
Hard Hats
Small First Aid Kits (For Vehicles)
Large First Aid Kits (For Buildings / Labs)
Poison Ivy Cleansing Cream

Download PDF version of page ppe_policy_for_website_9-12-19.pdf