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Research Project Resources Request Form

for South Deerfield Agronomy & Vegetable Farm

This form is required to request farm and staff resources for a research project.

Process: New project requests and continuation of existing projects should be submitted by March 15th each year (or date 30 days prior to requested start date) to the Farm Manager. Once approved, specific tasks will be requested using the work request form (e.g. tilling, pesticide application).

Eligibility: Farm facilities are available to all university faculty in support of research deemed consistent with the mission of Center for Food, Agriculture and the Environment (CAFE) and the capacity the facility to support (acreage, equipment, staff) the project. The potential of a project for long term impact to soils and farm infrastructure is also a significant consideration.

Costs: Principal Investigators are responsible for purchase of fertilizers, pesticides and materials specific to their project. PIs are also responsible for costs for overtime and weekend work if required. Farm facilities and farm staff services are provided only to approved projects.

Enter the Mass. Agricultural Experiment Station project number, Extension project name, account number or project name/sponsor name
You may also upload a file below containing the project summary/description Note: a work request form must be submitted for specific tasks as required - see work request form
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg txt pdf.
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