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Web Hosting

Web Server Support

We offer hosting on the CNS/CAFE web server for selected Drupal-based and static websites (reviewed on a case-by-case basis) We are unable to host any other type of platform. Our CNS/CAFE web server Drupal support includes security and module updates as needed, and regular server maintenance. These updates pertain only to pre-approved Drupal modules. Contact: Andy Slocombe (

Working with outside vendors on Drupal websites hosted on the CNS server

When working with an outside vendor on a Drupal website project, please follow the guidelines listed below:

Contact us BEFORE beginning a Drupal web project so that we can plan for installation of a Drupal site on the CNS development server, coordinate with vendor and schedule for launch on the CNS production server. It is important that CAFE Web and IT are brought in at the beginning of a project even if we aren't building it, so that we can make sure it is built in a way we can support security updates.

It is required that the vendor will:

  • use only modules vetted by CNS prior to the site going into production. Contact Andy Slocombe ( to request any modules not currently on our server;
  • design with portability in mind, using relative paths, to insure a smooth transition between development, test, and production environments;
  • use the CNS hosted development server when developing a Drupal website to verify site functionality and compliance with CNS Drupal configuration;
  • adhere to the UMass Amherst Web Identity Guidelines as described on the University Relations Web site when designing a theme.

Website Domain Registration

We use Network Solutions as our domain registrar (  Currently we have 24 domains registered on behalf of Extension. If you would like CAFE IT to register and maintain your domain name through Network Solutions, we can do that on your behalf. Contact: Andy Slocombe (

Please note: It is important to remember that there are desired benefits to having a domain whenever possible and purchasing another domain should only be done upon careful consideration and only for web projects or program websites that expect to stay active for quite some time. If a domain name other than a is used and then discarded at the end of a project cycle, the domain name may be purchased by another business or organization which may not represent the UMass program in the best light. Using a domain name assures that if the program or project no longer has a use for a website, the domain name can never be purchased by another business or organization. Using a .edu domain name can also positively impact your rankings in a search engine.