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Who is part of the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment?

CAFE Groups

Many people are connected to CAFE in one way or another, most of them employees of UMass Amherst. The nature of the connection varies from group to group and the particulars of the location of and variety of involvement varies as well.

  1. People employed by CAFE or one of its units
  2. Extension faculty members for whom CAFE is the primary funder
  3. Faculty members whose research project is funded by Mass. Agriculture Experiment Station
  4. Members of the public who formally volunteer for one of CAFE's units' programs

The mutual expectations between these groups and CAFE also differ between the groups. This is the point of trying to define these groups here and define the nature of the relationship with CAFE and the mutual expectations held.

People Employed by CAFE or One of its Units

At the core of CAFE are those who are employed by CAFE itself or by UMass Extension and the Water Resources Research Center.

  • CAFE employees are faculty and staff who are part of CAFE administration in the director’s office, in off-campus facilities, or are staff of one of the four research and education farms operated by CAFE (Cold Spring Orchard; Hadley Farm; Troll Turf Research Center; S. Deerfield Crop and Animal Farm). About XX people (5/2017).
  • UMass Extension employees are staff who work for one of Extension’s four programs (Agriculture and Commercial Horticulture; Nutrition Education; 4-H Youth Development, Clean Energy). About XX people (5/2017).
  • The Water Resources Research Center currently employs three people (5/2017).

Extension Faculty Members for Whom CAFE is Primary Funder

The term “Extension Professor” or the like can be confusing because the term Extension faculty at UMass refers to a specific type of faculty appointment (non-tenure-track ongoing appointment with duties beyond research) and does not necessarily have any relationship to CAFE or UMass Extension.

However, over the last several years, a small cadre of Extension faculty has been created which DO have such a relationship. These faculty are resident in and employed by academic departments from disciplines related to the areas addressed by CAFE.

Current departments are: Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Environmental Conservation, Food Science, Nutrition, Geosciences, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning.
These faculty typically have duties in research, teaching and extension, with CAFE funding the non-teaching portions of their salaries and providing a modest level of operational support.
These relationships are governed by Memoranda of Understanding between the departments and CAFE.

There are currently 14 such Extension faculty members. (5/2017)