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Work Request Form

for South Deerfield Agronomy & Vegetable Farm

This form is required to request specific support for a research project.

Work process: This work request will be submitted to Farm Superintendent; Project Manager and person requesting work if not the project manager. Farm Superintendent will respond to all either approving request or asking for additional information.

Name of research project
Title of person submitting request
If above email address is not the P.I.'s, please enter the P.I.'s email here
The sponsor's department
The telephone number that the sponsor may be contacted at
Purpose of work request
When do you need this work done
What do you estimate this work will require for time
Plot number: Show exact location on field map and set stakes to mark location at field site. Click for map
Be specific and make sure all materials are available
Analysis, rate per acre, method of application, availability of material
For each list pesticide name, formulation, and rate per acre e.g. Bladez 80 WP 2lbs/ac or 4L 1.6 qts/ac. Pesticides should be stored in South Deerfield with your name and actual amount of pesticide to be sprayed attached to a container. All field plots receiving pesticide applications must be posted in accordance with State and Federal Regulations.
Include exact dimensions of area (length, width and SQ.FT. or acres)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg txt pdf.
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