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State Regulations Pertaining to Invasive Plant Management (A2)

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Event date/time: 
Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 9:00am to 1:30pm


This class has been rescheduled to this date as a live Zoom presentation.

Instructors: Dr. Deborah Henson, UMass Dept. of Environmental Conservation, and Clayton Edwards, Mass. Dept of Agricultural Resources

While landscape and turf professionals may be knowledgeable about the state regulations that govern the type of work they normally do, regulations that govern certain aspects of invasive plant management may be different. This session covers state regulations including the Wetlands Protection Act, the Rivers Protection Act, and pesticide regulations, including those specific to rights-of-way.

This workshop is Session A2 of the Invasive Plant Certification Program.
NOTE this is a new date for this session
(previously scheduled for 3/19/20). 

In the last several years, there has been growing interest in invasive plants and their management.  While turf and landscape professionals might be very proficient in the development of a weed management program for turf and/or landscape, invasive plant management often reveals many new and unique challenges to these professionals. This 4-day program is intended to help participants meet these challenges when attempting to develop an invasive plant management program as part of their business. A certificate in Invasive Plant Management may be obtained by attending all four sessions and obtaining a passing grade on each. To earn the certificate, sessions A1 - A3 can be taken in any order, but must be taken prior to Session B, Developing an Invasive Plant Management Program. All sessions may also be taken individually. Attendees are encouraged to take all four sessions in one season to get the most out of the information.


Cost is $95, $86/person for a group of three or more registrations from the same company (10% discount).

In order to keep the size of this group small, we are not taking online registrations for this program at this time. Contact for more information.  




2 pesticide contact hours in categories 29, 36, 37, 40, 48, and Applicator’s License; valid for equivalent categories in all New England states.

Association credits: 5 (cat 1) CFE, 5 ISA, 1 MCH, 2 MCA, and 2 MCLP. 

Contact's name: 
Ellen Weeks
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Contact's phone on day of event: 
(413) 545-0895